About us

We are Auctioneers and licensed Real Estate Brokers and understand that our job is to advise people on the best way to market their property. Love Auction Company, LLC, specializes in the sale and marketing of real estate. Over the past 30 years, our firm’s principles, Benson Fischer and Samer Kuraishi have 50 years of combined real estate background and have orchestrated over $2 Billion Dollars in a verity of real estate transactions. Our experience is vast and includes transactions with single family homes, townhomes, condominiums, apartments, co-ops, office properties, shopping centers, retail properties, industrial properties, local, state and federal government owned properties, farmland and large raw land parcels.

Our Love Auctions sales staff understands that no 2 clients are the same and we diligently work closely with each client to achieve their individual goals. Our in-house data and marketing team continually monitors the traction of our marketing platform, while analyzing performance to maximize the highest and best results for our clients.

Why An Auction?

The world’s finest art, classic cars, yachts, memorabilia are sold at auction. The stock market is an auction that controls the value of stocks, livestock auctions have an impact on the cost of food products and energy prices are determined at the Chicago Mercantile, just another auction platform. The interest rate on money is even controlled by auctions. Over the past 20 years, eBay has sold billions of items by the auctions method and real estate auctions have become mainstream and not just for distressed properties. So why not auction your property? It is the fastest and best way to sell your property!

Love Auctions No Risk Sales Approach

Absolutely No Risk

Before the auction, the Seller will determine a “Reserve Price”  (the lowest price the Seller is willing to accept for the property). Therefore, if the highest offer doesn’t reach this price point, the Seller is not obligated to sell the property. 

Before a Seller determines the reserve price, we review the market comps and recent sales in the area where the property is located and work together with you to determine a satisfactory auction sales price.  We then set an auction date to take place in the following 30+/- days. At the same time, we advertise and market the property to potential buyers and to Broker/Agents through various marketing methods, including placing the property on MLS and numerous other online real estate sales platforms.

Our advertising and marketing efforts are designed to stimulate interest in the property and to encourage purchase offers prior to the auction. It is not unusual for properties are sold prior to the auction. 

Auctions Net More Money For Sellers

Fewer Seller sales cost means bigger net proceeds at closing!  Love Auctions Seller fees are less than the traditional sales commissions and the Love Auction process is fast, usually, 60+/- days form from listing to closing, which saves a Seller huge carrying cost. Properties are sold in “as is ” condition without contingencies saving a Seller time and money.

Click on our Love Auction Calculator page and input the desired sale price for a property you are thinking about selling along with the mortgage payoff and monthly property expenses. We will provide 5 different sale price scenarios. See the difference in net proceeds between a Love Auction and a traditional sale. 

 No Conditions

We provide all of the necessary information to Buyer’s ahead of time so that they can make an offer on the Sellers property without any conditions. In addition to the customary marketing material, Love Auctions will provide a home inspection report, title report, and property survey. All of the reports are prepared by a professional and independent third-party company prior to listing your property and provided to each and every Buyer who shows interest in making an offer. For condominiums, the status certificate is ordered ahead of time and ready for review.

 No Surprises 

We complete the entire offer documentation ahead of time where the Seller determines the ideal closing date, the items included in the sale along with any exclusions. Each and every Buyer has access to this information that is posted on our website ahead of the auction date so they are aware of the details. Once the auction is concluded and, the only part of the agreement that needs to be completed after the auction has completed is the Buyer’s name and purchase price amount.


When we list your property to be auctioned, we keep the process on a tight schedule. When our Love Auction sign goes up, it tells Buyers how the Seller has chosen to sell the property and the date it will sell. An auction date is a deadline that Buyers take seriously. As potential Buyers register for the upcoming auction, we continue to encourage purchase offers prior to the auction. Should the auction proceed and the property is not sold, the auction listing automatically converts to a traditional listing and marketing efforts continue until the property is sold.  The Love Auction sales approach offers Sellers a unique sales approach that provides the best of both sales platforms.  The Seller is not limited to any one sales approach.

No Cash & Property Needs Work In Order To Maximize The Value…NO PROBLEM!  

Love Auctions has established relationships with local companies that will make all the repairs necessary to maximize the sale price of the property and delay payment until your property is sold. If you need pre-sale home improvement services anywhere in DC Metro Market, Love Auctions has the solution. Love Auctions can arrange 100% financing with no cash, credit, or income requirement, and no finance charges or hidden fees. We can get your property refurbish and payment is made from the sale proceeds of the home. Regardless of how long it takes to sell your home, you won’t pay for our home repair services until you sell and close, and there won’t be any finance charges. Services provided include; painting, roofing, flooring, appliances, HVAC, handyman repairs, landscaping, staging, and so much more. Free estimate right up front so you’ll know what it’s going to cost to get your home looking it’s best and ready to sell for its maximum potential price. All work is guaranteed.

Qualified & Motivated Buyers 

When a Buyer registers to participate in the real estate auction, they need to be verified and provide an auction registration deposit. This ensures that each and every Buyer is taking the process very seriously. In addition, the Buyer who becomes the winner of the auction is required to provide an addition purchase deposit.

Total Transparency 

A Buyer will feel more comfortable increasing their bid amount if they know that other potential Buyers are actually bidding on the property but most importantly,  if they know the prices these competing Buyers are offering. Competitive bidding drives the sale price up and ensures the Seller of realizing the best price possible for the property. 

Live Auctions & Online Bidding

Love Auctions are live events with a professionally licensed auctioneer typically held at the property location and simulcasted on our online bidding platform to ensure that every potential buyer can participate in the auction without having to physically attend the live auction.  More Buyers bidding at an auction will always result in a higher sale price.

 If The Property Doesn’t Sell At Auction, It Is Converted Into A Traditional Listing 

If the highest auction offer doesn’t reach your predetermined minimum sale price (the Reserve Price), we automatically roll the listing into a traditional listing with our professional sales team and the marketing the property continues until it is sold.  Keep in mind, Buyers will often make offers before the auction and even after the auction closes when the Reserve Price is not reached. It is not unusual to see deals being made after the close of an auction where the Reserve Price was not reached. 


Research has proven that the best opportunity to sell a property is with the first 60 days of when a property is placed on the market.  The highest rate of interest from prospective Buyers is during this window of time. We are not simply Auctioneers, we are real estate professionals that specialize in the sale of residential and commercial real estate with decades of real estate sales background and fully understand the market and the sales process.  That is why Love Auctions can provide a Seller a combination sales platform to ensure Sellers the property will be sold either by auction, by the traditional sales method and/or a combination of both methods.  The Love Auction sales strategy provides a Seller with the best opportunity to quickly sell a property in “as is ” condition, with no contingencies at the highest price 


The Love Sales Platform Provides The Advantage Of:


  • You decide the timing and terms of the sale;
  • Greatly accelerates the sale;
  • You know exactly when the property will sell;
  • Creates competition among Buyers;
  • Auction price can exceed the price of a negotiated sale;
  • Requires potential Buyers to pre-qualify for financing;
  • Eliminates numerous and unscheduled showings;
  • Takes the Seller out of the negotiation process.


  • You will be provided with the opening bid range, offer line up and exposure metrics so you know before what to expect before your chosen sale date;
  • Buyers come prepared to buy the property on the date you set;
  • Assurance that property will be sold at true market value.


  • The sale of your property will be followed by a contingency-free closing typically  30 days+/- from the auction date;
  • A quick sale reduces long-term carrying costs, including taxes & maintenance.


  • Love Auctions are backed by game-changing technologies, we have pioneered a new way to sell properties just like yours;
  • Exposes the property to many pre-qualified prospects;
  • Ensures an aggressive marketing program that increases interest and visibility.


  • How many eyes need to be reached to generate sufficient momentum;
  • How many Buyer prospects need to be engaged;
  • How many feet need to come through the doors at showing and open houses;
  • How many registered bidders will result in a successful auction.

What We Auction

Residential Properties Commercial Properties Land Industrial Property
  • Single Family
  • Townhouses
  • Condos & Co-ops
  • New Construction
  • Rehab property
  • Luxury homes
  • Rental property
  • Apartment buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Strip Centers
  • Retail buildings
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Marinas & Resorts
  • Raw Land
  • Subdivisions
  • Farmland
  • Golf Courses
  • Islands
  • Government Land
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Parks
  • Factories
  • Medical Facilities
  • Military Bases


We Work Side By Side With Real Estate Broker/Agents

We are Auctioneers and Realtors and understand that our job is to advise people on the best way to market their property. We are not in competition with the Broker/Agents for their customers and we work with Sellers and their Broker/Agents to achieve highest sale price for the Seller.  Broker/Agents will earn commissions equal to or greater than commissions derived from a traditional sale without dealing with the delay of contingent contract. Love Auctions is committed to working in conjunction with Broker/Agents much like a mortgage lender, appraiser and/or a closing company. We know it takes a high level of trust on a Broker/Agent’s part to make any recommendations to one of their clients and we are here to earn the trust of all Broker/Agent’s.

Chief Executive Officer
Benson Fischer

Benson (Benny) Fischer has had an extensive background in building and operating dozens of successful businesses over the past forty years. Throughout the years, Benson has been involved with Real Estate in addition to Auction and Liquidation Sales.

Benson’s holds a Real Estate Broker’s License in Maryland, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, and Virginia.  Benson has orchestrated over a 1000 real estate sales and leasing transactions that resulted in revenues of over $1 Billion. He is also a licensed Auctioneer and a graduate of the Nashville Auction School and holds the necessary credentials to host auctions in all 50 U.S. states. His background includes;  auction sales, real estate brokerage, property management, construction management, numerous start-up businesses, and turnarounds situations. Benson has owned, constructed, operated and sold 50 restaurants. He has also, manufactured and distributed (regionally and nationally) beverages, bakery products, ice cream and frozen yogurt.

His entrepreneurial career in dozens of businesses, joint ventures, franchises, acquisitions and investment opportunities have generated excellent returns on investment. Benson combines his vision and innate talent for identifying prime opportunities with his ability to build operations, turn-around problem situations, develop top-performing management teams, and build a strong and sustainable market position. To see more about Benson’s background click on the link below.


Chief Operating Officer
Samer Kurasihi

Samer Kuraishi has been a real estate industry rainmaker for nearly 20 years with real estate sales exceeding $1 billion. He is a licensed real estate broker in Maryland, Virginia and in the District of Columbia and has put together an experienced tag-team of 50 agents that aggressively cover the entire Washington D.C. Metro Market.

The Wall Street Journal recently ranked Samer #37 out of the Top 1000 Real Estate Brokers nationally.  This is Samer’s third year running that he is ranked by the Wall Street Journal’s in their Top 50 Real Estate Brokers nationally. He is also ranked #1 in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area for sales and units sold. In addition, Samer and his Kuraishi Group are also recognized by the Washingtonian Magazine year after year as one of the top Real Estate agencies in the area.

After putting in nearly 20 years at A-K Real Estate, Samer found a gap in the market and continued his trend setting ways by founding his own brand, ONE Real Estate, an ultra-exclusive boutique firm in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia.  Samer is the CEO of his newly formed company and brought in his Samer Kuraishi Group staff of 50 agents with him.

Samer has been able to exceed in a very difficult industry by taking a calculated risk in investing in the online technology space and currently has the largest presence on Zillow/Trulia nationwide. In his spare time, Samer is the “go to” consultant for several major hedge funds for real estate social media trends and for technology matters connected to the real estate industry.

In addition to his management and leadership skills, Samer specializes in all facets of real estate from working with buyers, sellers, investors, development, commercial and residential real estate. Samer loves to give back as he is a sponsor of the Ronald McDonald House and other local charities in the DC metro area.